Studio Update: Finally Finished!

MKC Photography Studio

May has arrived, and so has the move-in date for the new studio!

Here’s a quick tour for all those who haven’t been able to see it in person:



Work Space and Inspiration Wall


Window and Chair


Lovely plants from friends


Under counter storage and books


Brick wall


Brick Wall Detail

(a close-up shot of the rear brick wall)

View from my desk


Desk and work station


Lazy dogs

Thank you so much to everyone who braved the pouring rain and very un-May-like temperatures for our opening party yesterday: you truly helped make the day special!

New Studio Progress: Update

Studio in Winter

Snow, wind, and freezing temperatures haven’t kept us from working on the studio interior, because we finally have electricity and heat.

Studio Heater

This little thing does a remarkable job keeping 140 square feet of space nice and toasty (pay no attention to the mess all around it…)

A/C Unit

Until we install the ceiling fixtures, we have these glamorous clamp lights as we install the insulation and sheetrock (which, by the way, takes FOREVER because we have to carefully cut out all the details for the outlets, the windows, the heater, the breaker box, the A/C unit…the list goes on).

Dormer Window

Even though the dormer window and the resulting pitch of the roofline have been complex to work with, I’m so glad I designed the studio to have as much natural light as possible: I already love working out here, and I’m not even working out here yet.

Outdoor Light

We also now have an outdoor light (and soffit vents: always incredibly important to allow air circulation in an insulated attic space).

Can I come in?

Spencer keeps trying to join us as we work. We keep saying no.


Finally, here’s the (very dusty) insulated subfloor. And my lovely work sneakers.

Thanks for following along, and I’m looking forward to sharing the next stage of the mkc photography studio with you!

3rd Planet Fest

Float On

I created this piece nine months ago, when I needed make something beautiful, when I had lost two women who I loved dearly. A festival was being planned to fund a scholarship in their honor and I offered to create the artwork for the event, but then I faced the overwhelming task of spinning something beautiful out of my sadness.

For weeks, nothing came to mind.

And then, I decided to think not about loss but instead about joy and adventure and laughter and love: all the things they were, and all the things I needed to keep in my heart instead of the sadness.

So, I made a sky out of their favorite colors. I added a balloon carrying a basket that bears all the words of Emily’s favorite poem (the Desiderata by Max Erhmann)…the words are very tiny and you wouldn’t know they were there if I didn’t tell you, but they are. Every one. I added bunting in their favorite colors, with an occasional handwritten one mixed in. The writing belongs to Tolkien, borrowed from a letter he wrote to a friend, describing the beauty of the Shire. Aunt Yvonne was the one who first placed his books in my hands, and it was a gift that changed my eight-year-old world. I put silver stars in the sky and I made sure you couldn’t miss the love they left behind every place they went.

The 3rd Planet Fest is happening on March 19th, and I couldn’t be more proud to see “Float On” used as the artwork for the event.

Story Behind the Picture: Float On

Float On

There’s something wonderful about simultaneously loving the city in which you live, and yet also happily going beyond those familiar borders to seek out new adventures. I’d like to think every time we traveling souls set off for new places, we bring a little joy and love to share with the new friends we make along the way.

Whatever adventures you have planned, wherever you think you’ll settle next, just be sure to leave only goodness and kindness as you travel though that wide, beautiful sky.

“Blessed are the curious, for they shall have adventures”

~ Lovelle Drachman

The 3rd Planet Fest is happening on March 19th, and I couldn’t be more proud to see “Float On” used as the artwork for the event.

mkc photography at NY Now!

NY Now

The mkc photography studio will be hitting the road and heading to NY NOW this weekend (Handmade, booth #9555). We look forward to updating you with all the new retailers that will soon be carrying our work, as well as our favorite stores that are stocking up on their favorite wares!


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