Story Behind the Pictures: Boys’ Silhouettes

Those that follow mkc photography on Facebook already saw these two creations earlier this week, but I thought I might share them here as well. If the cobbler’s children never have shoes, then certainly the artists’ home rarely has artwork: it goes on exhibit, it sells, it never stays in one place for long. I decided to create something for our home with which I’d never be tempted to part: silhouettes of the boys at this wonderful age, surrounded by a Lewis Carroll poem (that’s another way you know it’s never leaving our house – I always use my original writing in my artwork, but since this is for our family, I’m okay with borrowing the words of my very favorite author).

I’m making gigantic prints of these and they will hang in our dining/music room, and when the boys eventually morph into unpleasant teenagers, my husband and I will still have these pieces to remind us of when they were all young and sweet and deigned to acknowledge our existence in public places.

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  1. colleen Says:

    November 1st, 2013 at 5:36 pm

    I’m always amazed at your unique perspective and take on morphing your own vision into a piece. Your ideas are fresh and interesting and showcase your true talent to create pieces that fit your family perfectly. I think you’re fabulous!

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