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Celestial Garden

Long post alert 💕
Sometimes, as an artist, you feel pretty inconsequential (actually, I think every person feel this way on occasion). Yesterday was one of those days.
2021 decided to behave more like the 13th month of 2020, and I woke up this morning wondering…what am I doing? I mean, aside from the incredibly important job of raising good human beings and sending them out into the world as kind, thoughtful, young men who have integrity and honor…is what I do *here* in this studio actually very important?
And then, just a few minutes later, several messages appeared in my inbox. They all said something slightly different but the theme was the same, and here’s one that I’d like to share:

“Thank you for sharing your many gifts with the world through your art. Now more than ever, we need your gift. Please continue to share it.”

Well. Talk about being guided from the precipice of an existential crisis to feeling like I’m in the exact right spot after all. Maybe I’m not doing magnificently important things, but I’ll gladly, gratefully keep doing these small things and making the art and raising the good humans and just generally showing up to stand here together with all of you.
Thanks for sticking around and reading this whole thing. Oh, and this new piece for 2021 is called “Celestial Garden” and I hope you enjoy it 😊