In this company, there’s a “me” but there’s also definitely a “we.”

I’m the artist, the designer, and the Official Doer of Most Things, but my husband Marty is the carpenter who helps make this whole salvaged wood endeavor possible. Of course, I could learn to use a table saw and router, but … I like having ten fingers with which to work, so I’m grateful he’s willing to risk his for the sake of this business (I mean, have you SEEN how small those ornament blocks are? And yes, I promise – he’s very careful when he works).

A Few Fun Facts:

Spencer (our rescued mutt) sleeps 90% of the work day in the studio (the other 10% is for chasing things in the yard). We have no idea what kind of dog he is – maybe a little bit o’ Lab, little bit o’ Pit Bull, and for sure a whole lotta cuddly sweetness (unless you’re a groundhog).

Marty has been a Special Education teacher, a high school assistant principal, and is now the head principal at a middle school (so yes, that means he cuts all that wood for me on nights and weekends – he’s seriously a catch). He’s also good at all things math. Like… really good. No calculators ever required.

I’ve studied some rather obscure languages (Old Norse, anyone?);  I can read about 200 pages per hour; I do NOT like white flowers (be they in tree, shrub, or vase format); I still know all the words to “Bohemian Rhapsody” and can sing the whole thing (albeit rather badly), much to the horror/embarrassment of my children.