Bas Bleu Bookseller

Collaboration between Bas Bleu and MKC Photography

Above is a sneak peek at our latest collaboration with Bas Bleu: our original artwork paired with a beautiful Sarah Williams quote that Bas Bleu chose specifically for this piece:

I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night

We’re thrilled for this art block to be part of their upcoming summer 2019 catalogue!

Bas Bleu is a large company that mails millions of catalogues every year filled with books and all things bookish. And yet working with them feels just as familiar and wonderful as it does when we’re working with our smallest business parters. That’s an incredible accomplishment and says so much about how a company can be both large and successful, and still value and support all its employees and collaborators. It’s truly a dream to work with them.

I encourage everyone to hop over to their website and learn more about Bas Bleu and about the founder, Eleanor Edmundson. I’m already a fan, and I hope you’ll become one too!