One of my favorite vintage cameras to use: my great aunt’s Kodak Duaflex!

I’ve always been creative, and storytelling – be it through words, images, or a combination of both – is my particular strength.

In 2009 I officially started this company (and by “officially,” I mean, filed our official paperwork, purchased insurance, and jumped through all the hoops made of government red tape to make MKC Photography officially exist). But, really, this company was born long before that. It was born when two things happened near-simultaneously: when I realized my beloved job as a librarian wouldn’t cover the childcare costs I’d incur when my first-born arrived, and when all the prints I’d had accepted at a local exhibit sold during the opening night reception.

It was a bold move to exchange a predictable job I loved with a steady paycheck for a role I’d made up for myself: no framework, no roadmap, only my desire to create my own economy rather than working within the limiting confines of one that already existed.

Are there easier ways to make a living than to build and run a small business? I’m sure there are, but I wouldn’t trade this life for any of them.