Holiday Shopping at the Studio

While all the weekend holiday shopping events are finished for 2017, there is still time to pick up a last-minute hostess, teacher, or Secret Santa gift at the mkc photography studio. Be sure to contact us first to set up a time to come by: we want to make sure we’re here to welcome you!


Story Behind the Pictures: Dreaming Garden I & II



I have a thing about balloons. I adore them. In fact, I love them so much that they make regular appearances in my artwork. Maybe that’s because my college roommate once tied my dream graduate school acceptance letter to helium balloons and had them floating in the living room so that I’d see the letter as soon as I opened the door to our apartment. I asked how she knew it was an acceptance and not a rejection, and she said she’d just had a really good feeling about it. We were both glad she was right.

For this piece, I envisioned a garden full of possibilities, of tiny things that grow and eventually take flight: a little bit of hope plus a little bit of magic sprinkled in…sort of like walking through a door and discovering a bouquet of balloons that proclaimed the arrival of that one small, yet monumental, envelope.


Story Behind the Pictures: Marconi Beach 1 and 2


When you’ve spent so much time working in mixed media and collage, there is something so refreshing about scenes jumping directly from real life into your camera.


It was a partly cloudy August day when we drove from Provincetown to Harwich Port. We were in no hurry and had no schedule – we decided we’d simply stop and explore whatever bits of Cape Cod seemed interesting as we meandered back from the outermost edge of the Atlantic. As it turns out, all the bits of Cape Cod are lovely and interesting, so we did quite a bit of stopping.


Once such place was Marconi Beach, where the view from the top of the dunes is breathtaking – both literally and figuratively, on a windy day. The water temperature on this day was 59 degrees, but there were still some hardy souls braving the waves. I loved how the colors of the sea melted into the sky: depending on the light, the horizon would, on occasion, very nearly disappear.


I could have photographed from this spot all day, but the rest of the Cape was calling our name, so we continued on…


NY Now – New York, NY Feb 4-7, 2018

We’re excited to be exhibiting again at NY Now this February! Keep an eye out for our newest catalogue, which we’ll be releasing in early 2018.

If you are a retailer, please be sure to find us in Handmadebooth #1307 to see all the new things we’ve created for Spring/Summer 2018.

Story Behind the Picture: Sunset Water

“Sunset Water”

We’re a morning beach family: there’s something lovely about arriving at the water’s edge in time to watch the seagulls breakfast and the morning sun sparkle on the waves.

Now that the boys are old enough to stay up later on summer evenings, however, we’ve also started heading back to the water after dinner, during those magical hours as the sun starts to slide toward the western horizon, tinting the blue water with soft pink highlights. We’re not there to swim or make sand castles at this time of night, but rather just to enjoy each other’s company and listen to the comforting sounds of the water as we watch the sun set.


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