Story Behind the Picture: Thee and Me

Sometimes I have a very specific story about why I created or shot something, and sometimes…I don’t. “Thee and Me” just sort of…happened. I didn’t have specific imagery in mind, I didn’t even really sit down with the intention of creating anything at all, and then suddenly this just popped out of my imagination and into the world. I love when creativity comes unbidden.


I’d shot all the individual pieces a while prior (the water, the trees that line the shore, the sky, the moon) and I just played around with them all until I smiled at the result. I leave it for you to decide if the sparkles on the water are from the sun or if they’re stars that have descended to join the moon (I have my own ideas about that, but I’d love to let you imagine them any way you’d like).

MKC Photography Improved Shopping Experience

We know: it’s a challenge to shop for and select art online! So, to make your job of shopping MKC Photography artwork easier, we’re providing you with new and improved images for all our wall art pieces, including prints, matted prints, canvas gallery wraps, and our three sizes of large art blocks.

    MKC Photography Stardust Large Art Block Lifestyle      MKC Photography Poppies Large Art Block Lifestyle

Beautiful lifestyle images so you can envision our work in your home.


MKC Photography Thee and Me CanvasMKC Photography Make It Shine CanvasMKC Photography Marconi Beach 2 Canvas

Not sure what the piece will look like on traditional stretched canvas? Now you know!

MKC Photography Field of Stars Matted PrintMKC Photography Keep Swimming Matted PrintMKC Photography Daytime Flight Matted Print

All our artwork looks gorgeous when matted to a finished size of 11×14.


Simply head to the Prints and Canvas Art and Large Art Block sections of the store and scroll through the photos underneath each individual piece of artwork: you’ll find images to help you choose the best artwork for your home. Enjoy!

Story Behind the Picture: Whale’s Tale

whale's tale by Michelle Ciarlo-Hayes

Story Behind the Picture: Whale’s Tale

On a whim, we traveled to Cape Cod. Our children, our dog, our bikes, our binoculars, and my camera, all came along for the trip.

We spent a week exploring this beautiful place. We hiked, we cycled, we watched sunrises and sunsets. We spent low tide digging our toes into the wet sand. We spent high tide encouraging our web-footed mutt to go for a swim (we failed: he still won’t). Instead of sticking to a schedule, we unplugged.

We bought tickets for a whale watching trip and told the boys “be prepared: we might not see even one whale, so try not to be disappointed if we don’t.”

That day – that glorious, windy, salty, exhilarating day – we did not see one whale. Instead, we saw upwards of seventy. They breached, they played, they nursed as they swam with their mothers, they sang to one another, and they surfaced so close to our boat that I could hear them exhale. The droplets of water they sprayed formed rainbows in front of my camera lens and left my hair damp and ringed in salt.

They gave us magic that day, and this piece is my way of capturing just a little bit of that. Enjoy!




MKC Photography at URBN Earth Day Market

Philly friends – join us as we sell our wares at the Earth Day URBN Market!

This event is free and open to the public, and will be held rain or shine since it’s inside URBN’s beautiful building 543

Date: Friday, April 20, 2018

Time: 9:00 – 4:00

Location: URBN Market at The Navy Yard – Bldg. 543, 5000 South Broad Street Philadelphia, PA, 19112 (map)

MKC Photography URBN Earth Day Market

Love & Children Reception at Elcy’s Cafe

Come join us for the Love & Children reception at Elcy’s Cafe on Saturday, April 21 from 1-3 p.m!

Love & Children Reception at Elcy's Cafe

We will have a number of beautiful pieces available for purchase through Mother’s Day weekend. If you’d like to give a mom in your life the gift of original artwork, make sure you stop by Elcy’s Cafe. Please feel free to contact me with any questions about the opening reception or the show!


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