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Sustainable Cork Zippered Pouch + Keychain Sets

You know how you’re ALWAYS trying to make sure everyone in your family has their masks with them when you finally get a chance to leave the house? And, invariably, you get in the car and you do ONE MORE check and yep, someone (let’s be honest – it’s probably your husband) has to run back inside to get theirs?
Well, my incredibly talented friend Natalie (of Natalie Therese) and I have the perfect solution!
We’ve put our heads together and paired her gorgeous new cork zip pouch for masks + essentials with our key chains! You can drop this beauty in your bag, or slip the key cable on the strap of your tote bag (or book bag, for those that are venturing back into school)!
You all know our key chains are handmade, feature my original artwork, and are eco-friendly (salvaged wood and reclaimed book paper, y’all), but have you SEEN Natalie’s incredible work? She uses only cork for her gorgeous handmade purses and pouches, and cork is sustainable, eco-friendly & waterproof. And, did you know cork is also naturally antimicrobial too? How cool is THAT?
The best part? You can open the key cable and pop on a mask you’ve already worn so it stays out of your bag and won’t contaminate anything in your purse or tote.
We also made sure the dimensions (5″x7″) are perfect for holding phones, wallets, and other fun essentials when, someday, this virus is a thing of the past and we can enjoy going out and being together again 😊

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Dreaming Stars Keychain + Zip Mask Pouch



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