Assorted Little Houses

So many of you have been asking, so get ready – it’s finally happening! Introducing our series of handmade Little Houses that will be available online starting Monday, March 20th 🎉

Each little house is a unique work of art: full of personality and one-of-a-kind. If you see one (or several) that you love, be sure to visit the “Gifts & More” section of our website on March 20th because once a little house sells, it’s gone!

Little Houses 2 Little Houses 7 Little Houses 19 Little Houses 4 Little Houses 21

These sweet little houses are everything you love: hand-collaged using salvaged wood, salvaged book paper, and original illustrations and artwork. This little house would be perfect on a shelf, above a door, atop a window, or anywhere else that you’d love to add a little whimsy. Give as a sweet gift to someone special or start a charming collection of your own today!

  • exquisitely handcrafted from salvaged wood, salvaged library book paper, and Michelle’s original art
  • hand-sealed with multiple layers of non-toxic matte sealant
  • no two are alike: every little house is truly one-of-a-kind
  • due to the nature of salvaged wood, thickness and weight of each house will vary
  • bottom surfaces are flat so house can stand on a shelf, desk, mantle, or atop doors and windows

Little Houses 10 With Ruler Little Houses 6 With Ruler Little Houses 17 With Ruler Little Houses 23 With Ruler Little Houses 20 With Ruler

  • dimensions vary: please see images with ruler to get an idea of how wide these little beauties are
  • weight: between 1 and 3 ounces per house

Little Houses will be available online in the “Gifts & More” section of our website, so set a calendar reminder for March 20th and we’ll see you there!