As you read this, I’m already across the pond, enjoying the hospitality of my dear friends and introducing my oldest son to the wonders of pub lunches, double-decker buses, and of course, those charming red telephone booths (which in actual fact are not very charming as their insides are usually plastered with ads for those with ~ how shall I put this delicately? ~  talents of a certain nature that one can hire? So yeah, we’ll pretty much just be admiring those telephone booths from afar).

Two very important things:

1) Any artwork purchased while I’m gone will not be shipped until the week of April 25th

2) No, we are not able to stay on for the royal wedding. Wills and Kate are very sad, but I do hope they’ll enjoy the day in spite of our absence

The stories will return when we do, so make sure to check back soon!