We have been so very fortunate to work with Bas Bleu for more than a year, and thought it would be the perfect time to introduce you to them if you aren’t already familiar!

Bas Bleu is a delightful bookseller-by-mail company and not only do they carry the most wonderful titles, their catalogue is filled with a trove of bookish and book-related treasures. Click here to learn more about this wonderful company!

We are so honored to be working with them and we’d love to share with you the exclusive designs you’ll only find via their catalogue or their website:

Pace of Nature Art Block

Pace of Nature” Art Block

You are One of the Lights

You are One of the Lights” Cards

Loved The Stars Art Block

Loved the Stars” Art Block

Real Comfort Art Block

Real Comfort” Art Block

Bas Bleu Ornaments

Bas Bleu Ornaments

Peace is Always Beautiful Art Block

Peace is Always Beautiful” Art Block