MKC Photography in print!

MKC Photography Giftware News

MKC Photography is super excited to be featured in the latest issue of Giftware News!


(you can read the full article with photographs right here)


One of the most important excerpts? This one:

“We really enjoy telling buyers about our process – they love to learn how we turn salvaged wood and discarded library books into something beautiful, and I love to share how I create the artwork featured on all our pieces. When I ship the order to a store, I always include a “cheat sheet” to keep behind the register with information the retailers and their employees can share with their customers (because they can’t possibly be expected to memorize all the information about each artist/company that they stock) and I also send a 4×6 company/artist biography for display with our creations so that customers can learn about our items as they browse,” Ciarlo-Hayes said.

Finally, every order receives small artist bio cards to send home with each MKC Photography item purchased. “There’s nothing more important than providing customers with a wonderful experience and letting them know they’ve chosen something handmade and ecofriendly. I always follow up with our retailers after they’ve received an order because I like to know what works best for them in terms of selection and display: I’m thrilled when a retailer asks me a question or shares feedback with me!”


We feel very lucky to be recognized for our customer service. Since our tremendous retailers and retail customers form the cornerstone of our business, we know couldn’t do it without you!