My Great-Grandmother's Scones: first page of scone recipe

My Great-Grandmother's Scones: second page of scone recipe

My Great-Grandmother’s Scones

For as long as I can remember, my mother has made the most delicious scones I’ve ever tasted. And trust me…I’m a scone aficionado: if there’s a scone on offer, I’ve tried it, both here in the US and in various European countries. The result is always the same: some are decent, some are even pretty great, but none compare to these. Here’s a little gift from the kitchen of my Irish great-grandmother, written in the handwriting of my mother – enjoy!

P.S. I know this blog entry has nothing to do with photography, but sometimes you just need to share a little delicious joy with the world, so here it is in the form of my great-grandmother’s scones😊