New Studio 1

It’s 2016 and the new mkc photography studio is finally taking shape! It wasn’t easy to get into place, but with a little ingenuity and a lot of patience from our amazing delivery driver Nate, we got this 140 square-foot cottage right where it belongs. Now, for the fun part: framing out the ceiling, wiring, insulating, and all the other finishing before we can even think of making this a functioning studio.

Studio 2 Studio 6

(framing the ceiling is a little complicated with the dormer window, but we’ve got this)

Studio 3

(the air conditioner is functioning…which is funny, because it’s -7 degrees outside right now)

Studio 5

(someday my desk will live under this window)

Studio Pathway

(my future walk to work)

Studio 4

(detail of the outside)

I’m already excited about all the work I’ll create in here. And, yes, there will be plenty of space for two dog beds 🙂