Apparently, when I was very young and we lived in Kansas, I delighted in driving past the fields of endless yellow flowers that grew near our home. I say “apparently” because I don’t actually remember this at all: it’s my mother who assures me I was obsessed with these fields. She also assures me that my three-year-old self did not understand the change of seasons or why the pretty flowers would disappear in the winter months, and that I’d demand to see them, no matter what time of year or how much snow blanketed the ground.

“Yellow Fields” is an image I shot in springtime in southern England during a trip I took together with my oldest son. The thick blanket of endless, brilliant yellow flowers was gorgeous, and I had forgotten about this photograph until very recently when I stumbled upon and and was thrilled by the discovery. My mom called me as soon as she saw it and laughed about the way I still must love yellow fields of flowers, even all these decades later.