A recent discussion on Facebook regarding e-books versus traditional books prompted me to share the story behind this print with you (we’ve yet to reach a consensus on the best e-reader around, but we all generally agree that anything which makes books easier to carry and read is a good thing).

I’m a little obsessed with books. I hoard collect books with religious devotion and have great emotional distress when asked to part with them, to the point where I moved home from the UK wearing half my clothing (a la the family Von Trap) in order to make room in my suitcases for the books I couldn’t bear to leave behind. The only thing I would rescue from a fire before my books would be my children. I think. An e-reader, however, would be a miraculous thing for someone who reads at the pace of 150+ pages per hour: I can never pack enough books to last through a vacation longer than three days, so the thought of having 1,500 at my disposal at once makes me a little giddy. And now, in a fire, I could save both my children AND all my books at once.

If you can’t find me, it’s because I’m probably curled up under an afghan, reading voraciously. Some people love to ride bikes, go for walks, or play a game of ultimate frisbee in their spare time, but not me. You can keep your sunshine and fresh air and mobile activities; I’ll be the one sitting on the lounge, not paying attention to a single thing other than the 7×4 inch world in front of me.

“A Girl and Her Books” is part of the 2011 “Shoes Say it All” calendar available here.