Many of you already know about this little side project called “Kicks By MKC” that has now morphed into its own company and all kinds of shoe-photographing craziness. Many of you already know that I’m a little crazy and spend my days doing strange things, like photographing dog paws. It was less crazy when the paws belonged to my own dog, but now that so many people have sent requests for a specific color or breed to include in their family portrait, I’ve been accosting everyone I know with a dog so I can photograph their paws.

Abby Durante (above) was a fabulous model for the Golden Retriever set. She was also very – VERY – excited about the New Lady Who Brought Treats (that would be me). New Lady went over to her house and smelled like another dog (Sheba) and peanut-butter Milkbones. New Lady was VERY interesting, but when New Lady brought out the Black Box That Makes Clicking Sounds (the camera) and bent down close to Abby, Abby decided the New Lady might be a little scary. Even though the New Lady brought treats.

What ensued was a full-on family effort to have Abby hold still juuuuuuust long enough to get one decent shot. Abby’s mom held on to her, Abby’s mom’s daughters fed her ice cubes and more treats and more ice cubes, and my own child joined in to supervise the entire event. We all needed a nap after that photo shoot.

I’m very grateful to Abby, Drexel, Loki, and all the other myriad of local dogs who have so kindly lent their paws to our project. Or should I say, the Lady With the Black Box That Makes Clicking Sounds Who Smells Like Peanut Butter Milkbones is very grateful.