I’m always surprised by how my personal life gently colors even the most simple photograph. Two weeks ago, I brought home a huge bundle of pears. As I placed them on the kitchen counter, I was struck by the personality each little pear seemed to exude. I chose six of the pears, set them in a row, and started shooting.

Not until I saw the images on my computer did I realize I had chosen the same number of pears as the children in my husband’s family. I’m an only child, but I married a man with five siblings. Those six children are the most wonderful, yet diverse set of individuals: each is an incredibly unique personality, each has their own set of gifts and strengths, each leans their own way. The way these pears are sitting mirrors the personalities and the relationships of all six brothers and sisters, yet the effect was entirely unintentional. A dear friend just told me it reminded him of “The Last Supper.” With fruit.

I love to see my own children growing into their little unique selves: diversity is a beautiful thing. Just like these little pears.