This story is coming a little late in the day, but I planned it that way. My 10-day-old nephew (and his mom, of course) visited our home tonight. Naturally, this meant my camera was out and I was photographing, constantly. There are a few things that I learned tonight:

~ Mothering instincts do not leave, no matter how old my own children have grown. Bouncing up and down while holding a baby is now ingrained into my permanent muscle memory.

~ Being an aunt is awesome: when a diaper needs changing, I simply hand him back to his mother.

~ The presence of a baby turned my two boys into the most well-behaved, helpful children on the planet. Perhaps we could rent his services from time to time.

It’s almost Christmas, and in the light of the sadness we’ve felt this past week, I thought this might be the perfect night to share the hope that every child brings with them into the world. I wonder what great and wonderful things this beautiful little boy will do? Until then, I’m happy to sit with him in my arms while he’s still tiny enough to hold…until his diaper needs changing, of course.