I shot this during a stroll I took with Danny during our trip to the UK, and I realized that somewhere, in the middle of England, Kate Middleton probably skipped down a pathway that looked just like this when she was a little girl. She probably ran down the path later in life, as from the endless media accounts, she seems to be quite sporty (although she doesn’t ride horses, so this frankly diminishes her stature just a bit in my eyes).

I wonder if she ever thought to pretend a wooded path was the aisle of Westminster Abbey, where each of the leaves of the trees was a foreign dignitary, each flower was a camera, each bird flitting by a microphone to catch her every word and broadcast them worldwide. I wonder if she’s thought of running back down that aisle, away from a life of scrutiny and judgment and total lack of privacy.

So, as the rest of the world watches and scrutinizes and dissects her wedding dress and veil and hair and choice of flowers, I will simply wish Ms. Middleton a happy walk down that very long aisle, surrounded by nothing more than her family, her true friends, and a newly-acquired grandmother-in-law who might hopefully muster a smile on the day.