Ordinarily, as an artist, I work alone. Well, as “alone” as one can be with one bird, two dogs, and two boys who seem to prefer the floor of my studio to that of any other room in the house (I should clarify that the bird in no way prefers the floor of my studio: he simply chirps away from the safety of his cage in a nearby room).

Sometimes, however, I get to collaborate, and the above piece is one such result. I love when a store owner finds something like my Philly Love print, is inspired to ask something special for her shop in her favorite beach town, and gives me the list of names and places she’d love to honor. Eileen (Laurie’s Treasures: Avalon, NJ) and I spent a few weeks finding the perfect locations and layout together, and this is the final result.

The smile on her face when she saw the finished art blocks, bearing her new “Avalon Love” print, was truly gratifying: working alone is wonderful, but sometimes having a partner in the creative process is even better.