Well, given my post a few weeks ago about “Dandelion,” I figured I’ll continue with my love of photographing weeds. Or, more accurately, laying on the ground and low-crawling in order to get the shot. In public.

This particular invasive species was the only spot of white on the otherwise perfect green lawn of the Morris Arboretum in the middle of March. I thought it a very special dandelion – it alone had weathered the winds, rain, and freezing temperatures. Most visitors that day were admiring the statuary, the ivy gently climbing the stone walls, the swan gracefully swimming in the pond. I think I may have been the only one laying on the cold ground with my camera, photographing a common weed.

Marty: “Boys, have you seen your mother anywhere?”

Lucas: “Why are you on the ground, mommy?”

The softness of the dandelion clock against the dreamy blue sky was too pretty to miss. In the end, it was worth getting my jeans dirty and embarrassing my family, don’t you think?