It was a delightful summer afternoon. I gathered up the boys and we took a lazy stroll around the neighborhood, enjoying the shade of the trees and the sounds of the birds and tree frogs singing as we walked underneath. I think we only actually walked a few hundred meters, but it took almost an hour – curious little boys love to stop and investigate every leaf, flower, and blade of grass they encounter. As we walked back up the hill to our house, I saw this dandelion glowing in our front yard as the sun began to dip low in the sky. Danny squealed with delight and raced ahead to grab it, but I begged him to wait until I took a picture. He and Lucas stood patiently while I took my usual ridiculous number of photographs, and when I was finished, I gave them a smile. Danny raced to the dandelion and blew the little fluffy seeds all over our front lawn. I watched him dancing around as they fell to the ground, knowing there would soon be a new, larger crop of weeds for him to enjoy. My husband finds it odd that I photographed a weed. I told him he needs to look at it from a child’s point of view.