I’ve been tagged by my very talented friends Allie and Michelle: the tag is to take part in the 6 by 6 game. Rules: choose the sixth image out of your sixth picture folder from your computer and blog it. Then tag six more people to do the same.

I cringed when I first opened my sixth folder: it was from 2005, the year I “went electric,” Bob-Dylan speak for the time I picked up that digital camera I swore I’d never use. It is full of all manner of messy shots as I tried to master the very confusing land of digital photography (yes, folks, I still do think a manual light meter is easier to use!). When I clicked on my sixth image, I smiled. It was the day I tried to take portraits of my very wiggly 8-month-old. My husband stopped in for a visit to the “studio” ( the nursery, actually, with a dark blue sheet draped over the rails of the crib) and he couldn’t resist scooping Danny into his arms. The lighting isn’t perfect, the images are blurred, but after revisiting it four years later, I’ve decided this might be one of my favorite imperfect portraits of 2005.

So now to tag my six:
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5. Rhonda Rareimage
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