Double Decker

This image of a double decker bus was the last thing I intended to capture, and yet it turned out to be the perfect thing in the end. My lovely friend from high school was looking for three pieces for her office that related to her work as a transportation engineer. We had the teal bicycle and the red fiat, so now we needed one more piece to bring them all together. But…where would I find something that worked beautifully in a row with these other two images? I had captured plenty of trains with my camera over the years, but nothing looked right…until I stumbled over this gem in my archives.

It was a glorious sunny April morning in London. My youngest son and I were on a walking adventure along the south bank of the Thames, and this gorgeous bridge color caught my eye. I made sure he was standing far back from the road, but I wasn’t so careful myself and as I tried to photograph the beautiful lantern, a brilliant red double decker bus came zipping along uncomfortably close to my toes (it was then that I realized I’d strayed out into the road). My child was thrilled that I’d caught the bus in my lens. I was thrilled I hadn’t been any further across the street. Until revisiting this image, I’d never appreciated the play of teal and red and gold that appears all throughout, nor did I see that the beautiful Tower Bridge is visible just beyond the lamppost. When I see this photograph, I can still feel the warmth of the morning sun and remember the delightful knowledge that the whole beautiful day still stretched out ahead of us.