This is one of the first pieces I’ve created in 2014, and a part of what I hope will become a larger series featuring the beautiful architecture of row homes both in Philadelphia and beyond. I’m now on the hunt for houses. I carry my camera with me at all times, and can often be heard saying “Wait, pull over!” if I’m the passenger in the car. If I’m driving, it’s my children who do the talking: “Seriously, Mom? Again with the row homes?”

“That’s life with an artist, my darlings,” I usually respond, though I know they secretly enjoy being part of my process…when they come tip-toeing into my studio, the first thing they do is look at my computer screen to see what I’m creating, and they’ll often pull up a chair beside me as I work. Or, in the case of my seven year-old, will plop down directly onto my lap. He’s getting a bit tall for me to see over his head when he does this, but I love it nonetheless.

Sometimes I ask them for input as I work, and sometimes I finish pieces late in the night, long after they’ve gone to bed. They know they can always scamper into my studio in the morning to see what I’ve done while they were asleep and dreaming under the stars.