Most people who have jobs also have coworkers. Coworkers can be wonderful, they can be annoying, they can be your support system, they can be the most challenging thing about your day. Sometimes, they can be all of those things at once.

I have two coworkers in my studio.

They have very loud barks which alert me to the presence of the mail carrier and the Fed Ex guy (good) and to the presence of every pedestrian, squirrel, bird, and leaf that dares travel anywhere in the vicinity of their lair (bad). They keep me company (good) and they never leave my side, which is generally not an issue until you’re asked to send photographs of your new pillow design to a textile magazine and you end up with the results above (bad).

I eventually had to lock them out of the room in which I was shooting, only to open the door a few minutes later and discover the toilet paper from the bathroom had been unravelled and rolled throughout the entire surrounding area. The younger dog seemed quite pleased with this situation (bad), while the older one slunk away in shame (good), but at least I was able to submit my photographs on time…right after I cleaned up 627 yards of toilet paper.