This new series of images came to life after yet another marathon Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros listening session.

“Home” is my youngest son’s favorite song (one of mine as well, so I’m happy to oblige his latest fixation), and the refrain contains my favorite line of all:

“Home is wherever I’m with you”

I credit my parents with the fact that I’ve never been one to cling to a certain location as an idea of “home,” but instead, I’ve made my life where I’ve felt most secure. We lived in a number of different houses before I was old enough to read (Kansas, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia…) and I continued the tradition a bit once I struck out on my own.

My “hometown” remains blank on my Facebook profile…I can’t decide if it should be were I was born, where I lived the longest, or where I spent all my holidays with my gathered extended family. In the end, I’ve decided I really don’t have an answer for that because “home” isn’t necessarily the name of a place…it’s where you feel most connected and secure.

I juxtaposed the gray of the sky with the brightness of these little vignettes, collected from my endless library of photographs, both digital and film. Purposely isolated, they sit alone in the midst of a quiet gray sky, but there is nothing lonely about them. They sing a song of harmony, lit with warmth, silently harboring those that live within.

On the Hill

Red Barn

Yellow House