Happy 2012!

This is post seriously going back to the vault, because three years ago I created this piece above for the Landfill Art Project. Why blog about it now? Because after three years of countless hours and hubcaps, the exhibit is nearly complete!

Ken Marquis, the founder, set a goal of collecting 1,041 metal hubcap art pieces from artists across the world (why 1,041? I have no idea and should really ask him one of these days…) and he’s nearly reached his goal. Above is my contribution, and here’s a video of how I made it (since I really don’t work in metal or 3-D art, it took me a few days to figure out my process…in the end, paper, glue, and photographs were so much fun to use).

*And yes, those are a set of little helping hands you see in the video, though they were much smaller in 2009 than they are today…*

Visit the Landfill Art Project website, view the gallery, and stay up-to-date, because once the exhibit starts traveling, you won’t want to miss it!