As the years march forward, I realize I’m a bit of a hermit. Well, not a hermit exactly, but a person who never finds peaceful, quiet moments to be boring. Perhaps that’s due to the fact that my life with two children contains very few peaceful, quiet moments…

Summer mornings at 9 a.m., however, are indeed lovely. Swim lessons don’t begin until 9:20, which means we are usually the first to arrive at the pool. The boys sit quietly on the side, feet dangling in the cool blue water, transfixed by the ripples they create with their quiet movements. The cicadas sing in the trees, the birds chirp softly, and no one feels the need to break the spell of silence. We sit with the sun shining on our backs and it is, for me, a little piece of heaven.

It doesn’t last long, but if it did, perhaps I would eventually grow tired of watching the sun dance off the surface of the water…but I certainly doubt it. I’ll take a peaceful sunny morning and sparkling water for as long as anyone will let me have it.