I love the little white fish in the midst of all the orange. I love that none of the other fish seem to care about, or even notice, the difference as they silently make their way past my camera lens. I could watch fish swim for hours: the tank in my childhood living room was my mother’s secret weapon when she wanted me to take a nap…a few minutes of watching our fish swim and I was ready for bed. My husband, a school principal, has a tank of fish in his office as an antidote for stress and tension (he says it’s for the students, but I suspect it works for him too).

I tried to come up with a different title for this piece, but as the mother of two little boys who adore “Finding Nemo,” the only thing that kept popping into my head was the song that Dory happily chants on multiple times throughout the movie…”Just keep swimming, just keep swimming…”

It seems fitting, though, doesn’t it? We can learn quite a few things from fish.