This is one of the many reasons I knew I needed to take Danny to England. Why the red post box, you ask? Well, perhaps the following conversation will better explain it.

April 2010

Danny: “Mom, do they have cheese in England?”

Me: “What? Um yes, they have cheese in England. Why would you ask me that?”

Danny: “Well I don’t know! I’ve never been there. How would I know if someplace else has cheese?”

August 2010

Danny: “Mom, do they have cars in England?”

Me: “Yes Danny, they have cars. Don’t you remember the Mini Coopers on the top of Uncle Keith’s wedding cake? He and Aunt Sarah have one. And they drive it. In England.”

Danny: “Oh. Okay. Mom, do they have electricity in England?”

It was at this point that I knew I’d need to take the child for a visit or I’d spend the rest of my waking hours answering questions like these. As it turns out, even after I bought the tickets, the questions kept coming.

Yes, they have traffic lights.

Yes, they have trash trucks.

Yes, they have mailboxes.

Me: “But Danny, their mailboxes are red.”

Danny: “But how can that BE? They are supposed to be blue!”

This was one of the first things I photographed when we arrived. What you can’t see in this image is Danny hugging the other side of the bright red mailbox. He couldn’t believe that it would really exist. And that it would be round, not square. I thought I’d share this today in case any other American child needed proof that English mailboxes are indeed red. And yes, Danny can now tell you that in England, they DO have cheese. And electricity.