There truly isn’t just one way to, or kind of, love. Even toward a single person we hold a myriad of different emotions all wrapped within that one word. Some are joyous and boisterous, some are quiet and peaceful. Sometimes you just enjoy beating your significant other in a game of Scrabble. Valentine’s day isn’t just for adults, so I wanted to include the younger set too. They, after all, offer their love without reservation or condition. It was my son’s idea to hold the open heart, which was really just a scrap of paper left over from creating the heart you see in the upper left corner. “Mom, I really like this one too,” he said, and he held it just as you see in the final print. “Why do you like that one?” I asked, and he told me it was because “you can fit lots of love in a heart with all that room.” I think my six year-old got it exactly right.

Love, Many Ways is available here as a limited edition fine art print