“Come sail with me across the moonlit sea”

I live with two little pirates. Two very imaginative little pirates. Two very active, imaginative, dedicated-to-their-craft pirates who occasionally go through an entire day answering only to “Captain Hook.”

Though they’ll argue with me, this ship is is more the “Dawn Treader” than the “Jolly Roger:” the inhabitants aren’t out to steal treasure or make anyone walk the plank. Rather, they are simply gliding across the gently rolling sea, borne along by the gentle wind, guided by the brilliant full moon. To the children who live in this house, however, this is a terrible atrocity: there should be at least one person wearing a metal hook in place of a hand.

I invite you all to interpret this ship and this scene as you’d like. I will go along, sailing peacefully, as porpoises surface and dive playfully in our wake. If you’d like to fire a few cannons and take another ship’s cargo as hostage, please do feel free. I have two pirates in my house who would love to join in with you.