**mkc photography is on a brief vacation this week ~ artwork purchased will not ship until the week of July 25th.

Enjoy the story below!**

You know summer vacation psychosis is fully in effect when I start doing things like painting “Naughty Step” on the wall.

My husband hates this idea. He is not amused. He finds it to be detrimental to the mental and spiritual development of our offspring. He also gets to leave the house sans children for 12-14 hours at a time, so I find his disapproval to be in direct proportion to the amount of time he spends away from the house on a regular basis.

I’m not sure if you can see from the photograph, but there just might be a groove worn into the hardwood surface of the stair from regular, even constant use: I’ve considered installing one of those paper number dispensers they have at the deli counter to keep track of whose turn it is next.

Some people have a favorite destination: Maui, Rome, London. Our destination of choice appears to be the Naughty Step. Maybe I’ll print up postcards: “Greetings from the Naughty Step ~ Wish You Were Here!” Maybe I’ll do the next family portrait there…it’s the only place the children sit still, and they fit so perfectly into that groove they’ve worn.

Since it’s been painted, the children seem to give the area wide berth, glancing sidelong at the scrolling text, as though it might reach out and ensnare them permanently. It’s my own version of “Scared Straight” which I feel to be a necessity because I have a child who has expressed a desire to be arrested because he feels jail “would be fun.”

Personally, I’d prefer the public stockade method of punishment of centuries past, but as my husband has already vetoed this plan, I think our decorative little reminder will serve well enough. Added bonus? If you come to visit us, your children will already know exactly where you’ll make them sit if need be, and odds are good that one of our boys will have kept the seat warm.