One of the most fun (and challenging) things I do as a visual story-teller is to properly translate the pictures in my mind into something concrete. I’m forever jotting down ideas on napkins, sketching images in the margins of whatever magazine or catalogue might be nearby, or rummaging for a scrap of paper in my purse. My inspiration board in my studio is full of these bits and pieces, often unintelligible or unrecognizable to anyone else other than myself. I, however, know what they mean, and know (or at least, I hope I know) what they will become.

This piece was a challenge – I had this idea of a beautifully curling, stylized wave in my mind, yet I had no such photograph in my endless library of images I’ve shot at the seaside over the years. I decided I’d have to use my photographs of water and transform them into what I’d first seen with my mind’s eye. It took some doing (and some deleting…and some starting over…) but in the end, the moon and the water speak to each other just as I’d hoped they would.