Even though the studio is closed for vacation this week, I still wanted to leave you all with something to enjoy. This particular something is a little red fiat that I discovered in Rome last September. It was a rainy day, which made the idea of a three-hour-lunch at Felice in Testaccio sound like a fantastic idea (and it was). Testaccio is a little out of the norm in terms of touristy-Rome-destinations: it’s a location usually frequented by locals rather than travelers, and I thrilled that I had to dust off my very best Italian* when dining and shopping. My husband made several valiant attempts to communicate with his heavily-Spanish-accented-Italian, but after we all giggled good-natured-ly at the sound, he decided to leave the chatting up to me. I said he sounded like the Pope speaking Italian with his Argentinian accent, which then earned him the name “Papa Francesco” with a few of the shop keepers.

Once the skies cleared and we’d finished our delicious meal (you know the food is incredible when your two young children happily sit for hours at the table without complaint), we strolled around the corner to find this lovely little scene, which I was thrilled to capture with my camera.

*“very best” makes it sound impressive. Trust me, it’s not.