The holidays, I believe, are most crazy for Mrs. Clause. Santa gets to outsource all of his work (other than delivery time) to the elves, but who helps the Mrs.? As I was in the midst of the pre-holiday business rush (for which I was thrilled, yet overwhelmed…mkc photography doesn’t have any elves in its employ) and balancing teacher gifts, family shopping, Christmas cards, and of course all the professional gifts for my husband’s colleagues, my youngest son brought home this cookie from pre-school. I laughed when I saw his little running legs, and knew that, with the magic of my drawing tablet, I could have some fun with this. My three year-old was most happy to offer his hand for the creative process, although he was a little eager to actually begin eating his poor, harassed gingerbread man, so I had to work fast. In fact, our conversation while I worked went something like this:

Lucas: “Can I eat him now?”

Me: “No, sweetie, not just yet.”

Lucas: “How about if I just lick one arm?”

It was at this point that I felt a *little* guilty and told him to go for it and decided not to worry if I’d gotten the shot I needed.

After seeing this image, a friend suggested I do a second shot with just cookie crumbs littering the ground which was a genius idea (had my child actually left any crumbs to photograph, that is). Ah well, maybe next year…