I go back and forth with the text for this print: does it need the word “shine” in it? Should I take it out? Every time I remove it, the image keeps calling me, imploring me to put it back in. I guess you could say this is the mafia of artwork. In any case, I’ve decided the word “shine” should stay. It’s a command and is, therefore, a bit bossy…but then again, sometimes we need something to remind us what it’s all about. It’s not all about being mousy and tentative. It’s not all about other people. It’s most definitely not all about the Hokey Pokey. It’s about y-o-u. This is my reminder to myself, and hopefully yours to you, that it’s all about being bold and brave and electric. You’ll notice the light isn’t actually coming from the chandelier itself. No electricity needed to light up that room at all, but rather someone who realizes it’s a good thing to stand out and shine.