Art is a funny thing. You can start off with an image in your head (as I did) and end up with something absolutely, completely different than your original vision (as I did). When I began, I saw things such as butterflies growing out of the ground like flowers, and the silhouette of a child reaching to set them free. As I sat down to work, something very odd happened: it was like the Inspiration Fairy took over and started selecting pieces for this collage without my consent. Suddenly there was a tree and skeleton keys, an entirely different background color than what I initially imagined, and not a child in sight. I’ve learned not to fight the Inspiration Fairy when she makes an unscheduled visit….maybe there will be another piece someday with butterflies and such, but this was the one that sprung forth, unbidden. The poem that came to me was equally surprising and perfectly fitting: sometimes we all have little mysteries that need to be unlocked.