So this week I have a little story for you. This story is about someone (okay, fine, it’s me) who cannot draw well. At all. I used to be very talented at sketching horses from the ages of 8 to 18, but that was due merely to my a) daily proximity to the subjects in question and b) having enough spare time in my life to devote to the pursuit of correctly capturing the exact curve of my horse’s ear.

Things have changed.

I am now extremely illustrationally-challenged. Which is why, when I had this vision of my stormy gray cloud blowing the sailboat across the water, I had a bad feeling that my drawing tablet pencil wasn’t going to do what I wanted it to do.

The final version (above) is version #521. Versions #1 through #520 were all a variation on the same thing: my stormy gray cloud looked like it was throwing up on the boat.

I know, I know: I really shouldn’t be talking about my artwork and vomit in the same sentence, but let’s be honest people, that’s exactly what it looked like. After I carefully pieced together the base of this collage from all my images, I drew, redrew, and drew some more, and all I could produce was a cloud with a stomach virus.

Finally I turned to, as my mother calls it, the Google Machine. I asked the Great, All Powerful Wizard that is Google what visually attractive blowing wind should look like, and it told me that wind should CURL at the ends, not rain down in straight, vomit-resembling lines. Thank you, Google Machine: you saved the passengers in this boat from a very unfortunate day at sea.

I’m sure you’ll never look at this again without laughing. And I’m okay with that. This blog entry is about ‘fessing up and letting you know it’s okay if you don’t want me on your team for Win, Loose, or Draw. Unless the answer is a vomiting cloud, because then I’ll TOTALLY be able to draw that.