Wish (blue version)

Wish (pink version)

Creating artwork, for me, is a bit like baking without a recipe. Sometimes I end up with something that is not quite right (did I forget the salt? Too much flour?) and sometimes I stumble across something I love and want to share with everyone. So, if you all wanted know my secret recipe for “Wish,” please read below:


~ Begin with one photograph of dandelion taken on a beautiful spring morning at the Morris Arboretum.

~ Rummage through photo library to find the photograph of falling snow taken during one of the winter storms. Layer snow on top of dandelion and think about it for a while.

~ Decide you are missing something. Return to photo library and locate image of blank wall shot using a scratched and salty antique lens (fitted to your digital camera with electrical tape, a la MacGyver circa 1985). Layer on top of dandelion and snow.

~ Have client request this image with pinks and grays, rather than blues. Go back to original image and gently shift color balance in certain areas. End up with lavender, not pink.

~ Return to photo library and discover old image of pink wall shot digitally through the viewfinder of a Kodak Duaflex (connected to your current camera with a lightblocking box a la MacGyver circa 1988). Layer over the whole thing and blend until the lavender turns to the perfect shade of pink and gray.

~ Click “save.”

The best part about creating a collage? There’s no one perfect way to translate the image in my mind to the final artwork, and while it might take me twenty minutes or twenty hours, at least I know it will be better than anything I’ve ever baked in my oven.