I woke up one morning with this little phrase in my head:

You, and me, and the moon make three.”

I thought surely someone else had written this, and my mind was only just remembering a long-lost nursery rhyme. I asked around. I Googled.


It would seem this little phrase was my very own.

I walked around with it. I sat down to lunch with it. I let weeks go by with it lightly floating beneath the more pressing matters of the day. Two days ago, the picture to accompany it finally came to me as well. Each piece is a photograph I’ve been keeping for no apparent reason, until now. After I finished, I thought the moon, which I’ve also used in another collage, needed a little personality…I made my first foray into painting and soon his cheerful, peaceful face emerged.

Sometimes it’s nice to just stand quietly, in the peaceful moonlight, with someone special.

You, and me, and the moon make three…”