Every Friday I have a story to share, and this one is no different. Rather than just one photograph, I’m sharing the on-going process of an entire series that is incredibly meaningful.

A little background: Loose Thread Stitchers (LTS) and mkc photography have partnered to create a gorgeous coffee table book dedicated to the art of cross stitch. Twenty-six different letters, twenty-six different designers and companies who have supported this project, twenty-six different beautiful pages that even non-stitchers will love. Why are we doing this? Colleen (the CEO of LTS) and I are dedicated to championing causes that support women. Heart disease is the #1 killer of women world-wide, and CAROL for Heart works to educate women about heart health. When Colleen saw my original “Alphabet Soup!” book, she knew this was a concept she wanted for the “Stitch Your Heart Out” (SYHO) campaign.

When these beautiful pieces arrive to me, I can’t help but marvel at the time and love poured into each one. Some are actual stitched designs, some are creative tools to make stitchers’ lives easier, but all are little pieces of art. Little pieces of art that connect generations of women who teach one another and keep the traditions their mothers and grandmothers taught to them. It was once forbidden for a gathering of three or more women to stitch or weave together: the churches feared the power of such unchaperoned meetings, feared the agency and power associated with creating such elaborate and bewitching designs, feared the outcome if too many women were united in their single pursuit. Silly, isn’t it, to think that something woven or stitched by a women would be dangerous? Yes, I suppose, unless you’ve read the story of Medea

These images are a tribute to the beautiful art of cross stitch that should be treasured – and taught – for endless years to come. Keep stitching, ladies!