“Date/Marry” “Good or Bad?”

“Run Like a Girl”                                                    “Laces”

In addition to the Cupcake Conversation calendar, I’ve been working on another calender collection for 2011 that builds on my favorite creations of scrabble tiles and shoes. You’ll already recognize two of the pieces above (and can read the stories here and here), but I wanted to give everyone a little sneak peek at a few more new images I haven’t yet shared.

I don’t know when the quote for “Laces” popped into my head, but as soon as it did, I knew I had to use it. Shoe laces are a perfect metaphor for love…they offer security, can be re-tied any number of ways, and can be annoying if tied too tight. We all need a little space to move, yet enough support to feel secure.

“Date/Marry” is one of the photographs in which I decided to actually label the shoes, rather than having a conversation (well, I suppose it is a conversation of sorts, as it’s me suggesting that there are two kinds of men out there – the kind to date, and the kind to marry – and they can be identified by their choice of foot ware). If you don’t believe me, start paying attention the next time you’re out: the shoes definitely say it all.

There’s plenty more to come and I’ll be sharing them soon!