By February, the winter months begin to take their toll: the unbearably short days, the frigid temperatures, the endless ordeal of coats/hats/mittens/boots that turns even the simplest errand into a Herculean effort. I was tired of photographing icicles and bare limbs, so I visited our local florist and spend a half hour browsing their selection of flowers until I found the perfect pink gerbera daisy. The florist actually joined me in my search when I told her I planned on photographing a floral still-life, and she suggested this particular daisy because “it had great character.” I laughed – this was a woman who truly loved her flowers.

My next challenge lay in the lighting: the pale winter sun coming through our windows wasn’t bright enough to properly light the flower. I placed the daisy in a white vase of water and decided to set it aside until the afternoon. As I escorted the boys to the bathroom to wash hands before lunch, I noticed that the bright white tiles reflected and amplified the light from the window to a wonderful level, perfect for what I had in mind. “Everyone head downstairs!” I called, “Daddy’s making lunch today!” I gathered my equipment – and my daisy with all that character – and climbed into the tub.
Danny: “Mommy, what on earth are you doing?”
Me: “Taking pictures, honey.”
Danny: “In the bathtub?”
Me: “Yes, sweetie – in the bathtub. The lighting in here is great!”
Danny: “Oh. Okay then. Anyway, Dad said lunch is ready.”
I started to laugh as Danny walked back downstairs and wondered if he’d tell his friends and teachers the next day that his mother was in the tub, fully clothed, taking pictures of a flower. If anyone thinks I’m crazy, I’ll inform them I’ve simply got character…just like my daisy.