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Story Behind the Picture: Butterfly Sky

I’ve noticed something interesting in the past year – butterflies seem to make an appearance when I least expect them. Whether it’s in my work or in my garden, they seem to seek out my company. A little while ago, I spied something fluttering in our...

Story Behind the Picture: Peaceful Wing

My favorite pieces are the ones that pop into my head as I’m reading to my children. While both boys are now old enough to read independently – and they do – we all still love to pile into one chair for a few chapters before bedtime. This particular...

It’s Vacation Time!

Even the most dedicated artist/business owner needs to take a little break, and this one is doing just that. Art shipments will resume during the week of July 2nd, but in the mean time, here are a few of my favorite summer scenes…enjoy!

Story Behind the Picture: Before We Met

{There is memory in our souls, a memory of what is still yet to be, as though it always stood with us and we only need remember} This piece started out as something entirely different (as in orange-trees-and-creamy-white-sky kind of different) but then suddenly this...